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astrodivines platform is an ideal platform for online astrology consultation and spiritual healing. Our aim is to create an ideal online platform for India’s highly expert Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Vastu Specialists, Tantrikas, Pandits, Reiki Healers and to improve the quality of life of people by understanding their life situation better. To give your wise guidance. So we are using technology to deliver our vision.

If you are also looking for an exciting opportunity to bring positive change in people’s lives through your service, want to reach new customers? Then you are in the right place! You just have to register yourself on the AstroDivins online platform.

To register on AstroDivins online platform you must have strong knowledge of Shastra. Must be able to write proficiently in your language and you must share our mission of “creating a happier world”. Most astrologers, pandits are self-taught and hone their skills through practice. If you do not have any certificate, you can get a certificate or degree or higher education from AstroDivines Learning Platform.

Here’s a golden opportunity for you! AstroDivines, India’s most trusted online astrological and spiritual portal, also gives you a chance to earn more money with name fame.

Fill the form below to become “AstroDivines Verified” partner and add yourself to our panel! The process is quite simple. To register yourself as an Astrologer, fill in the details like your name, phone number, skills etc. on the registration page given below and submit the form.

Earning the trust of our customers has always been our top priority, and helping them by attempting to solve their problems has always helped us make a place for ourselves in their hearts.
Soon our team will contact you, there will be some interviews that you will have to pass and once completed, you can start your journey with the AstroDivines online platform.






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Benefits of joining AstroDivines as an Astrologer

Work from anywhere, anytime. Over 1000 daily website visitors that you have a chance to convert into potential customers.

On AstroDivines, Astrologers can earn through 3 mediums – Talk to Astrologer, Chat with Astrologer and Live Session. If any visitor wants, he can also contact you directly on your personal contact number. We publish your number subject to certain conditions. Now we provide people with your correct name and contact number.

Live sessions not only provide you with free publicity but also give you a chance to earn money from the audience.

Become an essential part of our team and make the most of your astrological and spiritual knowledge while creating an online, personal brand presence. With thousands of daily organic visitors worldwide, AstroDivines allows you to showcase your skills, expand your horizons, and become familiar with the many astrological elements while helping people in their lives. It provides a comprehensive platform to see how your astrologer consultation for Vedic, KP Astrology, Lal Kitab, Nadi Nakshatra, Numerology and much more can change the lives of millions of people, making you financially and emotionally healthy. Can happen.

So if all these benefits inspire you to be a part of India’s most famous astrology platform, then you must join us.