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What is Masturbation? How to masturbate ? Benefits and Disadvantages

What is masturbation? When a person uses his private part as a sex act to make himself feel better, then it is considered as masturbation. Every person is inclined to do it in a different way because this action reflects somewhere in his mind and his feelings arising in the mind.

Is masturbation wrong? Why is it done?
The answer is – not at all. It’s a natural way to ‘feel better’ yourself. With this, you keep yourself satisfied as well as give happiness to yourself. It is also called as Muth in common colloquial language. The moment of masturbation for any person is very private and it cannot be done in public, it is also illegal. Both boys and girls perform the action of the fist. In boys, this feeling starts after the age of 17, whereas in girls it starts from the age of 15.

Why is masturbation necessary?

Masturbating or doing masturbation is very useful in many ways from the point of view of science. Science believes that if this action is not done when the time comes, it can even make a person insane because it has a direct effect on the mental level. It does not make those who do it blind or insane, doing it does not cause dark spots under the eyes and it also does not stop your physical development, these are all myths. On the contrary, it is helpful in reducing stress and produces endorphins, the hormones that make the body feel relaxed. It improves sleep and keeps your organs active for sex activity. By doing Muth Kriya, every person also gets some experiences, like- he gets to know what his body needs, that is, what he expects from his future partner.

Masturbation is a common way of overcoming your sexuality. Masturbation is a topic that is not discussed openly. This is a taboo topic, on which people feel ashamed to talk. In contrast, statistics show that 95 percent of men and 89% of women masturbate on a daily basis. Masturbation does not have any bad effect on health.

This action is done by everyone for the purpose of fulfilling their physical needs and it is done in both the situations, even if you do not have a partner and if you have, then it is done. Masturbation is a part of psychology itself. It is the name of the general process, which men and women do at some point or the other to get sexual satisfaction and one of the motives behind doing this is also to realize that who is capable of having sex right now.

There is a need to stimulate their private part when the stimulation of young boys or girls is not met in time. Like not getting a partner or getting married due to some reason. Like men, women also have their private parts themselves. They have found many ways to stimulate themselves, which make them feel the climax of excitement.

Masturbation is a good way to understand orgasm. Apart from this, the difference in orgasm according to age in women is very high while in men it remains largely the same. Masturbation usually leads to orgasm so it is not surprising that it helps you to know about the climax. In addition to being enjoyable yourself, you can explore what you like and don’t like sexually. Some people like to masturbate with another person, sometimes called mutual masturbation. Which may be good for the relationship but it is a personal choice.

You masturbate occasionally, it is not that much of a concern, if you do it incorrectly, like by rubbing the bed or by rubbing the fingers aggressively, it can rub on your penis, Which can prove to be very fatal and can lead to permanent impotence.
Along with this, due to the addiction of excessive masturbation, men also start having sex problems like premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation means premature ejaculation during intercourse with a woman. The main reason for the problem of premature ejaculation is excessive masturbation.

Most of the children who masturbate at an early age suddenly masturbate for the first time due to bad company or wrong environment. Then they slowly start enjoying it and they get used to it and start masturbating again and again. All this happens because of ignorance. They don’t know what is right for them and what is not right? So don’t masturbate too much.

What is the correct procedure for masturbation?
It’s very simple. First of all, keep in the imagination that you want to hit the vagina with the penis. With this you will not face the problem of premature ejaculation. But at the same time, you should know one important thing that sex is the healthiest and best option.

Benefits of Masturbation, Let us know some special benefits of masturbation:

Masturbating releases feel-good neuro chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that provide pleasure and satisfaction. At the same time, it also activates certain parts of your brain. Masturbation not only has physical benefits, but it also has mental benefits.
Whether it is a woman or a man, it easily reduces the tension of both. It is said that due to the accumulation of more sperm in the body, a person can become ill, in such a situation it is right to masturbate. Some research suggests that regular ejaculation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, although the relationship between the two is still ongoing. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the desire for sex in some women. There is an easy and safe way to relieve sexual tension during this time.

masturbation relieves sexual tension

When you orgasm, you feel a tremendous amount of pleasure and relaxation as well as contractions in your genital muscles. Therefore, masturbation can be a beneficial medium to eliminate the sexual tension that you have.

masturbation is the safest type of sex

There is no chance of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection if you are masturbating alone. Therefore it is very safe.

And in case of mutual masturbation, the dangers are very less. Semen can pass from the penis to the vagina through the fingers. For example, there may be a risk of pregnancy. If you touch another’s genitals or your own genitals, there is a risk of getting or spreading an STI from semen or vaginal fluid. But again this risk is very less.

masturbation can reduce stress

Sex can help you beat stress. And that includes masturbation. Those who had no sex at all had the highest levels of stress when performing tasks such as public speaking and mental arithmetic in the stress test. Whereas those who had any type of sex were more relaxed. Many people say that masturbation helps them to stay calm.

Masturbation can also help keep you healthy

Some research has found that how often you have sex and how good your immune system is are linked. However, more research is needed to confirm this.

A few things we do know is that when you orgasm during sex or masturbation, your body releases endorphins, the pleasure hormone. Which reduces pain and contributes to making you feel better. This alone can become a reason to masturbate regularly.

Some special things related to masturbation:

There are many misconceptions and questions within people all over the world regarding masturbation. Many people look at it from the wrong point of view, then some consider it right, but if we talk about science, then science does not consider it wrong, rather it sees it as a normal exercise for health and considers it an option for better health. Is . So let’s know things about masturbation.

no shortage of joy
Women’s orgasm (extreme pleasure) is more complex than that of men. Men usually enjoy the time of ejaculation. Incomplete stimulation and wrong sex techniques reduce the orgasm of women. Premature loss of sperm and lack of foreplay reduce the pleasure of women.

masturbation is natural
Masturbation is completely natural process. It does not have any adverse effect on fertility. The talk of sexual weakness and lack of sexuality is also completely rumoured. Even cats, dogs and monkeys masturbate among animals.

Masturbation relieves tension
The heartbeat increases during masturbation. The flow of blood also increases and the muscles get stiff. All these bodily processes give relief from stress. As if you feel relieved and free from tension after sex.

masturbation completely safe
Masturbation is a completely safe process to keep your sexuality under control.
overcome sexual dysfunction
If a man or a woman is suffering from sexual dysfunction, then masturbation can understand many things. If men have a problem of premature ejaculation during sex, then masturbation can be used as a learning tool. In this you can learn how to control yourself.

good night’s sleep from masturbation
When you are at the sexual climax and you are in the feel-good zone, it means that the hormones have been released. When oxytoxin and endorphin hormones are released, you are in the feel-good zone. After the release of these hormones during masturbation, you sleep without any restlessness without worry. Good sleep is very important for good health. Masturbation is a wonderful process to get a good night’s sleep after a very tiring day.

Masturbation for a Positive Mental Level
When you climax during masturbation, endorphin hormones are released. After the release of these hormones, your restlessness ends and you get mental peace.

Some tips for having a pleasurable masturbation:

Give enough time to masturbate for a long time.

As mentioned above, during masturbation should not be hasty. This can reduce your feeling of pleasure, because you can get semen out quickly if you move your hands frequently. Over-excitability can calm you down by bringing you momentary pleasure. But if you want, you can enjoy this pleasure for a long time. For this, keep yourself relaxed and focus on what makes you feel good. You can move, stroke, use different rugs, hands and sex toys, etc., while being alone and masturbating. Along with this, you need to give enough time to masturbate as you want while having sex.

Change hands to do masterbation

The way you change your position during sex, in the same way the position for masturbation can be changed. This means that you can use both your hands alternately while masturbating. It can cause different sensations or sensations in your body which can lead to rapid ejaculation. You can expand your pleasure zone by using the hands for masturbation. But if you’re feeling hopeless you can try ”The Stranger”. This is a technique where you have the experience of someone else masturbating you with your eyes closed while you sleep. By doing this you can get more pleasure of masturbation

It is necessary to move your hips to masturbate

Of course, people often forget to move their hips while masturbating. But if you move your hips during masturbation then it can bring you more pleasure.

Use lubricant to masturbate

The lubricant itself is essential for the performance of the Anand technology.

Whether you’re using toys or just your hands to masturbate, the lubricant will help get you closer to the real thing.

A real vagina is wet and slippery when it comes to intercourse, so a dry palm can be a bad start to that wonderful experience. Lubricants make it easier to stimulate the head of your penis, and of course you can also lubricate your anus if you want and enjoy more.

Please note that depending on your age, you may not be able to purchase a plastic vaginal or sex lubricant. In this case, don’t stress about it. Yes, they are a lot of fun, but they are not absolutely necessary, for this you can resort to homemade alternatives.

I don’t want to worry you, but some people ejaculate very quickly during sex, which is obviously not good. And it is believed that one of the main reasons why this happens is when you were younger you tried to ejaculate as soon as possible by masturbating.

But since you have learned how to do hand exercises by reading this, hopefully early ejaculation is never going to happen to you. And instead you can use masturbation to train yourself to stay in the bedroom longer.

Male Masturbation Action: How To Make Boys Masturbate?

Men begin to move their penis back and forth by pressing their hands into a fist to perform the fist action, rubbing it vigorously. To do this, he sometimes uses a lubricating oil or cream on his penis. Men continue this action until the semen comes out of their penis.

Hold your penis in your hand or between your fingers. Move the penis back and forth. When you feel aroused, increase the speed and pressure until you feel orgasm or extreme pleasure.

Masturbation is the easiest and safest way to have sex. It is also the best way to know your body and also to know your likes and dislikes. Through this, you can also tell your partner what you like in sex and what do not. And no matter what you’ve heard about masturbation, the truth is that it’s nothing to feel ashamed of!

It’s good for your physical health and a safe way to meet your sensual needs, whether you have a partner or not. And even if you are in a relationship, you can still masturbate to relieve your stress. You will feel for yourself how much masturbation will give you relief and your mood will also be happy.

There are several ways to masturbate:

You can stroke your penis back and forth with a light hand or forcefully.

You can move the penis back and forth for a greater or lesser distance with the help of your entire palm or just two fingers.

You can use spit or a lubricating substance to move your hand or fingers back and forth easily.

Keep changing the way of masturbation to get better orgasm –

Different asanas are used while having sex. Similarly, different postures can be used for masturbation instead of just one posture. With which you can increase the pleasure obtained from masturbation and masturbate for a long time. If you are always standing then try masturbating facing the wall. By which your hips can be moved back and forth. If you always masturbate lying down, instead you can enjoy hand exercises while sitting in bed or in a chair. Different positions or asanas mean different sensations. This can be taken to mean that you can get more satisfaction and you can masturbate for a long time.

Moving your hand up and down is a simple and effective method of masturbation. Because this position can make any person feel orgasm. But using this position over and over again can leave you feeling boring. You can use other different positions or methods instead. For example, you can use long, curved strokes starting from the base of your penis. You can also use your palms in addition to tying your fists. You can pull the tip of your penis to a comfortable position. This way you can use different strokes to make your masturbation more effective and enjoyable.

What is masturbation? girls how to masturbate

female masturbation
Girls or women start moving or rubbing their vagina to perform the act of masturbation and especially they move the vagina with their finger. Sometimes it also happens that she starts moving that part by inserting more than one finger inside the vagina and nowadays she has to resort to instruments like vibrators and dildos.
There have also been some cases where women reach the climax only through fantasy. Apart from this, some women close their legs tightly and put so much pressure, they get the pleasure of sex. Women also do this action of the fist while lying on the bed upright or upside down or sitting on a chair.

Women masturbate less than men. Even today women in our society are more shy while doing all these activities. But many women masturbate to get satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with masturbating to please yourself.
1. set the mood. What gets you in the mood for love is personal. What you need to do is to set the scene to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Take a bath, light some candles, play soft music: whatever makes you feel sensual and sensual.
2. Privacy is the key. Unless you’re getting caught or pleading yourself while someone else watches *which, by the way, can be a lot of fun too, *make sure you’re completely alone and won’t be upset. Nothing kills a good singles love session quicker than worrying about it being interrupted.
3. focus. Going it alone requires focus and concentration, especially if climax is your ultimate goal. Without the help of a partner, it’s up to you to do everything you need to satisfy your urges. Think sexy ideas and don’t be afraid to indulge the people you want to get down and dirty with ideas that really turn you on.
4. Fantasies. Double your pleasure by imagining while masturbating. In your mind, you are free to think of anyone and do anything your little heart desires. If your fantasies lead you straight to the Dirty Town, go with it – anything goes when you’re in your own head.
5. Explore your whole body. Don’t go straight to petting kitty. Take some time to explore and tease other parts of your body. After all, being yourself should be a pleasurable experience. Run your hands over your body to discover all the different areas it likes to touch.
6. Start with a massage. Relax your muscles and tune in to the feeling of your body by giving yourself a massage. Using a light and firm touch, walk your hands over your arms and over your shoulders. Rub the tense muscles in your neck. Pay attention to how soft your skin is. A massage is a great way to help prepare your body for a mind-blowing orgasm.
7. Don’t neglect your breasts. For most women, the breasts are a major erogenous zone. Don’t leave girls out when you’re going alone. Gently squeeze, pull and trace your nipples with varying degrees of firmness to keep your motor running and it in high gear.
8. Definitely use lube. Using a good lube helps make the whole experience more sensual and enjoyable. There are many different types of lube on the market, which should help you get the most happiness.
9. Get in touch with your clitoris. If you and your clitoris aren’t close yet, make it a priority. The clitoris is the key to the Big O for most women. Here are some ways to stimulate this sex spot that unleashes the most amazing sensations.
a. Use your fingers. Gently and gently rub your clitoris. If direct contact is too intense, try stroking around instead of walking directly at him. Experiment with different types of touch and movement to find what works best for you.
b. Use a vibrator. Some women like them, some women don’t. Stimulating your clitoris with a vibrator can bring you to orgasm quickly if you’re pressed for time. If you find the vibration too high, try reducing the speed or using a washcloth or towel between you to reduce the impact.
c. Use a showerhead. Using a removable showerhead to direct a stream of water at your lady bit is very stimulating, especially if it has an adjustable spray feature. Play with different settings until you find one that does the trick for you.
d. Use a pillow. A more “romantic,” ?? The self-soothing technique uses a strategically placed pillow to simulate sex with a partner. Place a soft pillow between your legs as if you are riding a horse. Squeeze your thighs together and move your pelvis back and forth, allowing the fabric to stimulate your clitoris. This is a great time to imagine that the perfect partner is beneath you.
10. Insert the vagina. While it is true that many women cannot achieve orgasm from strictly vaginal penetration, it does not mean that you should completely ignore it when you masturbate. In fact, penetrating the vagina during masturbation can unlock hidden pleasures you never knew existed. Here are some things to do to get your vagina involved in the fun.
a. use a dildo. Similar to a vibrator, a dildo is simply a phallic-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina during sex. You control the movement of it by vigorously moving it through your vagina at your preferred speed. Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, so check with your local adult to find your favorite.

Be sure to visit the store or online shop.
b. Use your fingers. If the idea of ​​using a dildo doesn’t appeal to you, use your fingers instead. Gently insert one, two, or more fingers into your vagina and move them in and out in a way that feels good.
C. Find the G-spot. Though a mystery to many women, the G-Spot can make you sing your heart out praising it once you find it. The G-spot, located inside the vagina, is a small, rough patch on the front wall. It’s easy to find when you’re aroused, so after stimulating this sex button you should be well and ready. Orgasms that result from the G-spot are much more intense and pleasurable as compared to clitoral or vaginal orgasms.
Use your index and middle fingers to find your G-spot. Once you do, a light “come-right”?? offer. You’ll find that the area becomes more clear the more you get it. Alternatively, you can lay your fingers flat against the spot and rub your arm back and forth. Be patient, excitement can last for several minutes before orgasm occurs.
11. Do double duty. It takes a little more effort and practice, but penetrating the vagina and stimulating the clitoris is the ultimate in orgasm. Use a dildo to penetrate the vagina while you use your fingers to play with your clitoris.
12. Read an erotic story. Nothing gets the juices flowing better than fantasy and a good sensual story. Dubbed the “female version of pornography”, ?? Erotica fuels your imagination. It is not for everyone, but you must try it at least once.
When it comes to making yourself happy, really, anything goes. If it sounds good to you, do it. Many women do not know the technique of masturbation properly and those who do do not know that they can enjoy masturbation in many positions. There is no problem in this, because today we will tell you about some such masturbation positions, so that you can enjoy masturbation even more. So let us know in which positions women can masturbate.
1. The Solo Snake
The solo snake position is a great masturbation position for women. In this, women can enjoy masturbation to the fullest. To do masturbation in this position, lie on your stomach and use your hand or a sex toy under your vagina and clitoris. You will feel better if you use a vibrator toy. It is better to masturbate in this position because the weight of your body creates extra friction on your clitoris. Due to which the stimulation increases a lot and you will be able to get a better orgasm.

  1. Standing Leg Shower
    Place one foot on the edge of the tub or shower seat, allowing the shower to open completely to your vulva. If you have nothing to prop your leg forward, simply lean against a wall and bring one knee to the side. Now use your fingers or choose your favorite water resistant vibrator. By doing this you will definitely get satisfaction. It is better to masturbate in this position because masturbating while standing is a great positioning style that many women ignore. Leg shower will not only help you to orgasm, but will also clean your vagina well.

  2. Butterfly Position
    Women should enjoy masturbation in butterfly position. In this position, women get orgasm soon. To do masturbation in this position, women have to sit on the bed with the help of their hips. Then women should mix their toes well with each other. In this position, the stress on the pelvic muscles of women increases. After this, you insert your finger in your vagina. This will shrink the pelvic muscles and women will also get orgasm. Women should masturbate in this position because women in this position will get orgasm soon.

Some disadvantages of excessive masturbation:

Due to excessive masturbation, the removal of energy from our body is also in excess and due to which there is a lack of energy in the body and as a result you start feeling tired as well as weakness. Therefore, excessive masturbation should be avoided. Below we will know about some of the disadvantages of excessive masturbation.

If masturbation has health benefits, then it also has physical side effects, too much of a good and beneficial thing is done, then instead of giving benefit, it starts doing harm, in the same way if you indulge in masturbation too much, then in your body. Its side effects are also seen. If it is done in excess and some side effects can also be dangerous, due to which the genitals can be injured or even injured. Masturbation too much leads to weakness. There are 7 components of the body which are made from blood. Out of that bone is made, out of that flesh is made, out of that finally semen is formed. The final extract is semen. The semen is called pudgalasar. If the subject’s thought comes and nourishes it, the semen dies. And then it gets discharged either way. If there is a lot of masturbation, then there is no body power, all morale gets destroyed and the power of intellect also ends, the ego also becomes loose.
In the end, masturbation only hurts:
The rule is such that the more you go to take pleasure from the body, the more it will go by giving it pain. When someone masturbates, it seems that he has got the supposed momentary pleasure, but after that, there is a feeling of regret and indulgence within immediately. Apart from this, after masturbating, there is a feeling of being completely powerless, which is not really pleasure. And if masturbation comes in too much proof, then it also invites many diseases.
Violence happens to millions of living beings, and its risks also come:
One who has inner happiness, he does not masturbate at all. It masturbates because of inner suffering. From the point of view of the wise, there is only sorrow in this. One-time masturbation leads to violence of crores of living beings. And all these creatures create hatred. But on the basis of the recognition of momentary happiness, such risks are not understood at all.
Imagine this big risk:
If any type of fantasies are made for masturbation, then they only put the seeds of the coming birth. For those people for whom we have fantasies or we have had material thoughts, then our account is tied with them and then one birth has to be taken out with them. So it’s a huge risk.

  1. Weakness and Fatigue
    Due to excessive masturbation, the removal of energy from our body is also in excess and due to which there is a lack of energy in the body and as a result you start feeling tired as well as weakness. Cortisol which is also a steroid hormone and whose main use is to increase blood sugar and metabolism in the body, its production is experienced to increase after masturbation and excessive proliferation of the hormone causes a feeling of tiredness and weakness.

  2. Swelling of the penis muscles (Penile Fracture)

Due to the friction and pressure of our hands and penis due to excessive masturbation, there may be a risk of rupture or swelling of the muscles of your penis and due to which you may have to face pain as well as social shame.

  1. Hair Loss (Penile Fracture)

According to experts’ research, after excessive ejaculation, the body converts testosterone into DHT in the prostate and testicles and due to which your hair can either become thin and they start falling in excess. According to the American Hair Loss Association, DHT attacks the hair follicles, disrupts the supply of nutrients to the hair roots, stimulates the sebaceous gland to make the scalp oily, and most importantly, stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol. Which increases prolactin levels as well as lowers DHEA, HGH and testosterone levels. Sudden changes in neurochemicals cause hair loss.
4. Insomnia Troubles

Due to masturbation, the level of endorphin hormone in our body gets a big boost and endorphin hormone is very important for good and sound sleep. Melatonin is a neurochemical that helps to induce sleep, but men who indulge in excessive masturbation, there is a decrease in melatonin and due to which the person leads to insomnia.

  1. Decrease in erection

For an erection in the male penis, it is necessary that the human body has an appropriate level of testosterone, dopamine, acetylcholine and nitric acid, but due to excessive masturbation, the level of all these neurochemicals also decreases and as a result there is a decrease in erection. It becomes [Read also-]

  1. Visions Blurry

A lack of cGMP, nitric oxide, and acetylcholine in the visual sensory nerves causes blurred vision or dark spots that cloud your vision, and a deficiency in all of these chemicals The reason for this is excessive masturbation.

  1. Back pain or discomfort

Excessive masturbation reduces the production of oxytocin, DHEA, testosterone and DHT, which in turn stimulates the release of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E2, leading to back pain or discomfort.

Remedies to get out of Masturbation
• Staying away from things that induce masturbation:
First of all, one should stay away from the means of provoking the subject such as bad movies, subject photos and misogyny so that one can get out of it as soon as possible.
• Throw away the thought of masturbation as soon as it arises:
If the thought of masturbation comes, then it should be uprooted immediately, if there is any attraction there should be protest.And apologize a lot. Such a mistake should also be put to an end by making arrogance for once that it is not to be done.
• Break the Link of Imagination:
If the subject’s perverse imagination is activated, then if its link is broken at the beginning stage itself, then the theater of imagination does not progress.
• Divert the Mind:
When the desire for masturbation arises, then diverting the mind to other work or to some tendency or object of choice so that its desire can be avoided.
• Avoiding Solitude:
To get out of masturbation, when the thought comes, it is very important to change the situation or avoid solitude, in this way the thoughts of masturbating will stop.
• Be determined:
If you want to get out of masturbation, then it is necessary to have firm determination. Even if you make a mistake a couple of times, but if your determination is unwavering, then circumstances will also help you. And slowly you will come out of it.


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